“Art and Sand”


So Today I set out on a new adventure to see a sand artist at work. It led me to see the life lesson in this particular artform. From the moment that we are placed in our daddy’s loins the sand glass of the Universal laws of time are put into effect. Then, the giant Ferris wheel of life begin to slowly turn, and gradually pick up speed. Soon after, the ride must end it is the threshold of waiting in anticipation as each person is given the opportunity to properly exit the ride the suspension in midair allow is always the scariest  when my own fears tend to take over. What if, there is a mechanical failure? And this Ferris wheel ride turns into an epic failure. Or, what if, the Ferris wheel bucket seat flips upside down, and my life just ends abruptly? Contrary to dying from natural causes when it your turn to properly exit the Life cycle ride, and the chance to  say “Good-byes” to friends and family are stolen just like that F-E-A-R false evidence appearing real. Truth be told: Glass is made from liquid sand when put on incredibly high heat. So, watching this artist in the center of the mall floors come into full agreement with this sand materials to create something that is sculpturally sound significant to ingratiate the city’s motif is monumental. On one hand I was in awe. On the other hand, I turned up the heat under my own ass and did some impulsive shopping, as I ponder the idea that we as humans are the highest life form, and we should not miss the experience, but lean into life with grace, and honor that life with our whole heart, soul and spirit. Living my Best Life…

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