Bladelike finger veins;

Fall strain joy of expressions;

A crow’s feet rustle;


So Today is the first day of 2019, and I am happy that I lived to see yet another year. I am Thankful for my friends and family for just being, and most of all the lessons that I have learned in life. Therefore, looking out of my window was like looking through an enlarged framed picture on yesterday. I noticed a wind from out of nowhere disturbed all of the leaves that were on the ground some amber and gold colored loose leaves just feathers across several of the neighborhood people lawns while the other leaves just danced among the various wind swirls. As a result, I had this reflection something that was kept back in the recesses of my mind.  Right at the turn of this century, we built a house in this really nice subdivision while everyone was running with their hair on fire worrying about the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug. I was choosing to ignore the hype. Once I was settling into the neighborhood and new life I suppose getting acquainted with the neighbors all was well in the Universe. However, I had this one neighbor he was an older man that never really spoke to anyone just stayed on this strange mission of sweeping up all of the leaves up that had fallen from the trees onto the middle of the street. The process would start early in the morning one stroke at a time. I could still hear it now the slow but steady sweeping sounds along with the birds singing faintly in the background, and the landscape of the protective black crows that managed to keep this old gentleman company all day. It was painful to see him doing this same thing every day, for hours at a time. Patience personified “… Nobody gives a damn about leaves in my mine just let them stay their nature has a way of taking care of itself…” Little did I know that I would suffer something so triadic in my life at that time that my life would be changed forever, and would have to cut my loss that was not only painful but excruciating?  Death came knocking at my door my life was like someone threw a bucket full of marbles across my bedroom floor.  The only place that I found some solace was so disturbed. So one day through my tears I walked to the front door, and there on my front porch was a case of can sodas, and the old man was returning back to his sweeping post. I knew that the old man felt my pain and he was moved with so much compassion he took time out in his day to do something for me it is still heartfelt to this day. Unfortunately, a week later the old man house was broken into and he was brutally beaten to death with a hammer he was called home to rest just like that. Two days after his death the street was filled knee-deep with un-sweep leaves. I thought ‘’…It was his purpose, and he made me understand patience…”   It was painful to see so many leaves just scattered up and down the street.  I learned that if we just let anger, un-forgiveness, fears, and regrets just pile up it will ultimately lead to pain in our heart, mind, and body whatever it takes to sweep the negativity away to bring about positive changes sometimes that might just mean to become venerable, and surrender allow yourself to be broken open into a million pieces to manifest Truelove.  Turning over a new leaf can lead you to a safe place free from worries and overthinking.  “Que Sera Sera” Whatever Will Be Will Be… Breath inhales, exhale… “Level up”

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