“Art and Patriotism”


This being the Memorial Day weekend a lot of family celebrations are taking place, food, fun and festivities just the right mixture to make this weekend jump off American flags flying in the winds. I remember those days that it would get so hot, humid and sticky in the south  at those family picnics that I could feel my insides poaching. So, I would drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and that can also come with its own near-death experience. So, years later I decided to emerge myself in all things Memorial Day related in the comfort of my own home. After all, my dad was a World War ll Veteran, and I would like to continue to honor that. I decided to honker down and watch “Hacksaw Ridge” Movie talk about Patriotism and taking a stand for what he truly believed in. To be on the front lines and not bare arms is a true testament to the late Desmond Doss, who joined the army to be a Medic at a time when everything was falling apart this brave solider used his #faithtrustcourage to carry and save over 50 casualties of war many of the men lived to tell the story of how the late Desmond Doss saved their lives in the face of danger. Many had starred down the gun barrels of the Japanese, whom left these American soldiers on the brink of death. When the late Desmond Doss was asked what kept him going a very small frail man his exact words were “…God just let me get another one…”. Which is why? I feel a renewed pride in where I live at this time because the history reach that far back the first African American subdivision, for military many first families were able to create wonderful lives and if anyone know a military family deployment and pulling up roots is a constant it all comes with the job of defending our country. “Big salute to the brave men and women that fight for our country”. Patriotism #Murals in Public spaces these heroes cannot and should not be forgotten. Today was a day well spent…

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