“Art and Social Change”

So many controversial topics on the horizon seem like we the people are always choosing sides. The media keep us bombarded with so much sadness, and what do we do with all of that world news sadness? Or, should I say what we can do with all of that sadness?  The way that we interpret the bundles of world new sadness is internal and external turmoil. The locust of internal and external control shift the way that we think and see the world with a skewed perception. Too many gray areas leave missteps, misguiding, and misunderstanding among the masses.  For instance, the when the NFL football players @Kaepernick7 kneeling in protest became so many different things, and I was sure that it was about Over Policing, and Police Brutality leaving too many Black men lying cold dead in the streets. I quote: “…Land of the Free Home of the Brave…”Right?  Yet, that stand for social change became bazaar when the Commander in Chief @realDonaldTrump thought nothing about rolling out his long tongue and canning those NFL football players as if they were living in Sri Lanka controlled by the football governing body of Sri Lanka or something #SMH. The Climate Change, Coastal erosion, right to life etc.…  take your pick the dye has already been poured. What is it going to be another 2 years? or, 6 more? On September 22, 2018 “Michelle Obama hits the road to push midterm voter turnout”.   If we want to see change communities people, and city leaders should formulate more collaboratives with Arts Councils, and push really hard to fill public spaces with  socially charged “Murals” packed with an undeniable social impact that is both heartfelt, and thought-provoking create a Tidal Wave of human expressions that are History documentaries in their own right.  How many people enjoyed @KanyeWest modern-day twist on “Hambone”  or “Juba” dance with the loud red baseball cap @WhiteHouse”?! Maybe the baseball cap purpose was to keep @KanyeWest from scratching his head while showing his pearly white teeth @WhiteHouse.  After all, I quote: “Slavery is a Choice”.  Maybe I am just venting and my “Baby Boomer” animal spirit is just starting to surface about some of these matters, but it just seems to me that the 1950’s and 1960’s was a bad dream, but what I see right now in the world is a night mare. SOMEBODY WAKE ME UP!!!…   Let’s be the change we want to see “Stay Woke” …GET OUT AND VOTE.


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