Art and Patience

After all Patience is a virtue so why is it hard to believe that the two go together?  For me it has been times that I sat in front of a blank canvas just waiting for the perfect subject matter to magically pop into my head to splatter, and burst out across my canvas. I soon found out that it just does not work like that maybe a walk in the park, or a nature trail, ice-cream from the nearest parlor, or just have patience. I went to the dentist on yesterday and as I sat in his massive canvas where he creates miniature masterfully crafted works of art designed sculpturing with such skill and precision is a miracle in and of itself. So, it got me thinking how deep that is to understand that patience is more than just a virtue, but a must to live learn by and be the best version of yourself.  Patience is like drinking from a tall ice-cold glass of orange juice on a hot summer’s day you could feel the sparkle bubbles of acid and citrus as it flows like strained baby food, feather and tickle down the back of the throat, and into the digestive track.  The body and all of the senses are so wonderfully made, and when the body vessel is taken for granted it just begin to rot from. I quote: “The Brain down”. Another quote from the Bible: Proverbs 4:5-9 “Get wisdom, get understanding”. Truth be told it takes Patience love yourself, and others and God would have us do. It takes Patience to embrace, and adopt to these values of Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, justice, prudence, temperance.  All of which art a continuum of the other. So, what was I before I learned Patience? My dentist offered a teachable moment when he mentioned  my  Patience that’s when you know that you are on the right track when other people stand up and take notice.  “Our Father who art in Heaven”. See the Father is always creating in the Heavens. I am a work in progress.  Now I ask for “Faith”… It is no fun being a house without a roof with the passing of time the inside will surely rot.

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