“Level Up LOVE”

I quote “…We never know how high we are until we are called to rise…” Emily Dickerson. A unique American poet my ninth grade teacher Ms. Parker first introduced me to this particular poet. Emily Dickerson fell in love with a man of the cloth and referred to him as “my closest earthly friend.”  When the “Good Reverend” moved away to the West Coast Emily’s unrequited Love was caste with some sort of salted dye over her life which caused this unique American poet to become depressed in a way that she could describe on paper a lot of her writing can seem morbid, but life and wisdom can give a different perspective about her pathetic words many of her writings were left to the world untitled. When my late Mother passed away I had that same quote placed on her headstone; “…We never know how high we are until we are called to rise…” because my younger mind interpreted that Emily Dickerson was talking about a literal Death.  However, decades later my older wiser self-see those words as her mistake of falling in “Love” when it is quite the opposite we should rise in “Love” falling only makes love become e a stumbling block just slipping and sliding all over the place. The feet never planted on solid ground just going for climbing the slippery slopes. A Cinderella fairy tale tuned tragic filled with illusion, elusions, and isolations which is exactly what happened to this poet she just cut herself off from the rest of the world just pinning after a man that prided himself on finding a spirited horse and riding it until he broke it. So in hindsight, the quote is about a death Emily’s prince just swooped in on his horseback with a delusion of grandeur to sweep Emily off of her feet: Instead he just beat her with the broom, and left her out to dry all by herself. Fairy tales are the worst they just perpetuate pathologies of unfortunate perceptions created from mental fabrications that are convincing, misleading, and contrary to rising to “Love”…Level Up!


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