Art and the Metaphysical


The term Metaphysical was one time referred to as “The New Age”.  I guess it all has a place in society it was just to break down the walls of inner conflicts and struggles felt in mental incarcerations.  People are looking for something to belong to, and whatever floats the boat is just what some go with at that time.  What I am sure of is that we will not know our own minds until we understand the Universe that we live in Conscious living and mindfulness is what comes into play when we wake.   To understand the mysteries of pathetic dreams when the veil has been lifted can release the unconscious bad energies that seem to hover over us during the daytime, and the anxiety that comes from not being able to release those bad feelings that plague us morphs into mental, emotions, or physical illness. At times just attending a museum exhibit can change the way that I feel, and open me up to spiritual experiences that are truly heartfelt at that moment.  Unfortunately, many people have had to adjust to living in this world without his/her deep healing passion be it a loved one that has moved to the other side, and all we are left with is the endearing memories.  We never know how deep that hurt is for that person so being moved with compassion might be as good as it gets and that in and of itself can be enough.   The measure of one’s metaphysical depends on the measure of what that looks like for him/her? The rudimentary growth is by far the most important things of all that is mirrored to you through you are what matters. The some, the meaning of Metaphysical is release, and others, it may mean to received, to another it may mean deep healing etc… In closing just be open as you watch, and pray (Matthew 26:41).  Soul Painting my morning Sungazing means “I live to see another day”.   Ashe’

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