“Nice and Nasty”


Oftentimes more than not we seem to find ourselves in the company of mean nasty people. One day they just appear and stink up everything that they come in contact with. Back in the days, I use to refer to these people as the “Really Rotten”. After many years of digressing; I finally realized that these people even in the midst of their delusion of grandeur they play very important roles in the moving pieces of the matrix where unassuming minds tend to just hang out there. Especially, right after an initiation a rope with a large rock has been tied around your waste and then thrown into deep river waters where you find yourself just fighting to get back up to the top, for days melt into weeks, and weeks melt into months, and months melt into years…you get my drift. Needless to say, the “Really Rotten” just enjoy seeing the struggle. “…That’s entertainment…” After all, it is what Nice nasty came into your life to make sure that their success depends on your failure. Historically speaking, Narcissism just seem to work like a well-oiled machine. It never changes throughout the ages we just do being in the company of the not so trusting individuals really allows us to hide behind the old patterns, habits, and behaviors ties that bind us to toxic situations. During those time, I even developed the behavior of inappropriate laughter because I just did not want to a titty face crying about spilled milk all the time.  I  can recall in my twenty-year career in Corporate America this young lady at least 12 years my junior just did not like anything about me. Mainly because I did not take kindly to wagging tongues of office gossip. So, I spent a lot of my lunch time hours in the library acquiring knowledge. Besides, I had my own sack of shit secrets that I was hiding behind. As Faith would have it: I was given the task of going on a 1-day retreat from the company, and it was myself and this nice nasty person the one that I always felt like I was chewing glass when it was in her presence.  The retreat and memory strengthening portions of the day was my thing because I could think on my feet. Especially, with Math, and problem solving so my team was ahead and little nice nasty was really quiet. For some odd reason, it piqued my interest to see this day through so I gave her the task of writing down the answers/solutions/conclusions on the board being that Nice nasty was not able to keep up with the forthcoming outcomes. The strange thing happened quickly swiftly we all in the group realized that nice nasty was a “Functional Illiterate”. Who knew? A wife and mother unable to read nighttime stories to her two children… Really sad and in that moment, I knew Why? She was uncomfortable around me, and I could always sense something was off just did not know What was off? The constant gaslighting behavior around the office was because the little heifer could not read or write. Yet, she was moving up the Corporate ladder…Go figure. The moral of the story is nice nasty is a teacher on the spiritual journey of #findingbalanceinourlife where we find strengthening and momentum. After tons of nice nasty misleads, emotional turbulence, balls of confusions trusting our own intuitions and following the divine spiritual guidance that is with us during these times of entrapments in the cold dark caves becomes our strengthening training. Until; we see that light at the end that lead the way to something glorious. Where we receive forgiveness, and receive unspeakable joy found in Glory, Grace, and Gratitude. “No regrets here”

Meanwhile, I am signing up for the Yale University Laura Santos  “Happiness Lab”






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