Art and Pragma

Pragma, or longstanding love is another Greek word one that raises a lot of questions. So over standing that this is a deeper love between long-married couples. In some strange way, Pragma call for compromises to ensure that the solid relationship thrives through patience and tolerance, which can foster a victim mentality within the relationship some folks are just not Pragmatic more agnostic. So the idea of stacking up the fruits of the spirit is non-existence. I have a friend that lived a life of struggles domestic violence, verbal abuse, and deprivation in the marriage, but one day she and I were talking and she said these very words “…If you lie down in dirt long enough while someone is kicking that dirt on you…That dirt will begin to taste sweet…”, Self-esteem just went with the wind while still showing patience and tolerance.  That deep over standing that comes with the passing of time in a long-married couple or just friends is for real, and I just do not think that it is for everybody to have a sacred connection. Contrary to popular beliefs, I think the soul just stands right outside of the body we just have to earn it and that soul just steps right in, and the magic begins. It would not surprise me if the ancestors are family members that have crossed over to the other side have some role in these connections happening, which means that there are special blessing handed to some people just have to unwrap the gift.  According to, Psychoanalyst Charles Darwin “Survival of the Fittest” theory. Even though much of his observation came from the animals seeing that the species able to adapt best in the harsh and hostile environment master life successfully in reproduction.  For instance, the Giraffe necks kept getting longer and longer to reach food higher up on the trees. Adaptation in a healthy situation is well worth it prama is for some, but not for everyone. The book entitled  “Who Moved My Cheese “by author Spencer Johnson clearly identifies stalemate situations created through complicacy when all the while the world is changing.  Change is inevitable for the better or the worst believe me it will come professionally and/or personally.  Once we realize that change happens the title changes from “Who Moved My Cheese?” to “Where Is My Cheese? A fight- or- flight response in a stressful situation. #lul “Level Up Love”

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