Philautia or the love of self is a word that we should put into our memory banks. It is one of the six expressions of Love amongst the Greeks. I am more than certain that there is a thin line between Philautia and narcissism (self-obsession) because of the Greeks inflated ideologies of   “Beauty”.  Even today in some Museums, Parks, and grandiose entryways the perfectly sculpted bodies of Greek God’s and Goddesses are seen.  The flip side of the coin is that a healthier “Rise to Love”, which ultimately leads to a “Rise in Love “of a Faithed destiny between two people that extends a wider stretch to love (Psalm 18:36) ‘…You broaden the path beneath me so that my ankles won’t turn…”. The whole concept of “Falling in Love” is just insane.  The term “Falling in Love” was just another weave of moral decay spun into the illusion fibers of the unrealistic tapestries just to keep people spiraling out-of-control one set back after the other.  Not to mention when that tight grip of depression sneaks from behind to grab the fragile shoulders of desperation and a whole lot of hoping, wishing and praying, for yet another ship to sail in to “fall in Love, lonesomeness and despair” cyclical effect. Hence lunacies such as;  speed dating, #Marriedin90days, @BachelorABC, @MarriedatfirstsightABC the list can go on and on, and the hairs should stand up on the back of our necks. “…NO EXPECTATIONS NEVER DISAPPOINTED…”. According to; Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm “…We expend too much energy on “falling in love” and need to learn more how to “Stand in love…”. However, with all of this being said “if we do not have self-love we will never overstand the exact Sciences as it relates to the  “Art of Love”…”Level up Love” #lul

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