“Art and Gratitude”

“Gratitude” One Haiku Challenge


Somedays I forget to think about how grateful that I am because I just let my own human frailties called anger get in the way which is time stolen and I can never get it back. Maturation tends to make you see clearer be mellower. So I decided to take a big dose of vitamin “G” Gratitude, and attend an art gallery located in the Central Business District (CBD) in @NOLA. I still have dreams and I would like to fulfill them before it is too late. I thought about my health, strength, prosperity etc…I don’t’ want the things that I cannot do stand in the way of my own personal happiness.  Let’s face it somethings we already missed the boat like becoming a gymnastics something that I was a real natural at back when? In my treasured high school years, I mastered gymnastic in my own mine.  In my feelings back to the gallery visit it was work of whimsical imagination meshed with the spiritual in all of its grandeur. Masterclass artist @rainebedsole work reminds me of a dear friend that continues to hide obvious talents, and live in a world as a reflection mirror of how the general public can truly see them which is very disturbing, to say the least not what? and, who? They actually are only fragments of themselves a strange immaturity, which is why the surreal boats are so great because the many moving pieces boats represent so much more no matter what the case may be, and I see these internal struggles in so many outstanding people including myself. Especially, when I get something stuck in my own head.   @rainebesole artwork represents what internal distractions, stuck, and struggles must look like learning to trust the process is scary but the leap of Faith is well worth it.  She has managed to bring this extraordinary interpretation of a true to life story that is just filled with emotions.  Her rescue in a boat from a flood in Alabama is etched into her soul and she does a great job at letting the world see the working of her creative mind. The boat interpretations are something that I could only have dreamed about, but to see them suspended from the ceiling you just know that the boat docks but you never know just how long it will remain before pulling off 30 seconds? 30 minutes? 30 hours? It really does not matter just jump in the damn boat and see all the greatness that the world has to offer. I left the gallery and I knew that I was changed in a good way because it made me reflect my problems cannot be recharged with the same consciousness. Heighten awareness equals Conscious living like when I eat a tomato “…It takes way more than just arriving on my table, but that someone had to seed, water, and care for that tomato hand pick it when it ripens before that tomato arrives at the marketplace…” The process is long and arduous. Nonetheless, it is still a process one that must be honored.  Just like that, I went from wanting to become stronger to change the world to ultimately becoming wiser changing myself. I hope that one day I can meet @rainebedsole because it is an eye-opening experience to see this mindful art installation an array of surreal boats that represent the past, present and future of spirituality and the person that you are destined to be is what the world is waiting for. Forgive and jump on that boat of Gratitude, and never look back again…Case in point!!!

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