“Art and Pack Light”

I quote Erykah Badu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqN0jsSeqPo     “…One day All them bags gon’ get in your way…” This quote: Albert Camus { Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.  Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend}. This should be a mantra for the artist because this can become hard trying to lead and/or follow on the journey. I can assure you that everyone is not going to be fond of the artist journey, and it will show in the finished product. Let’s face it some people are toxic and they can become a stumbling block to your artistic talents, gifts, and skills. To some, it might mean clearing the messages and unused apps on the cellphones probably taking up memory. Another Baduism “…All you must hold onto, is you, is you, is you…Pack Light…”. I can recall working in Corporate America for twenty years, long-term marriage, two sons, and homeowners living the American Dream. Back then, I wore many hats wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, next door neighbor etc…So, when I took an early retirement to continue my education. I went on my natural hair journey decided to get sister locks in my hair before that I thought that I was Haley Berry with the short haircut worked well for Corporate America both raises and bonuses just kept coming my way. So I decided to get braid extension the sister locks are very small and they were installed with a small toll and diamond-shaped parts, but that was not all I had the sister locks cut into an asymmetrical shape like Ms. Diana Ross. I have fast growing hair so after about three weeks my scalp was itching up to this point the Aveda shampoos and Conditioners were working quite nicely if I must say so myself. The distinctive smell of Aveda always gets into my olfactory just make me feel happy definitely one of the Fav Rav’s like a wooden night porch swing in a romance. So here I am left this big job with a great company and believe me the vultures came for me. “…Why would you leave that Goooood job…”Did I mention that the people that asked the question the most had never bust a grape in their entire life #smh. Just could not even pass an interview challenged in so many areas, but had so much great advice in their world. Enough said about that me and my BFF was in the Michael’s art supply store and I was looking at some art supplies that is the friend that will put the fire under me we all need one like that you “Stay Woke” that way. It felt so scary I was not certain with a that was all about up to this point the majority of the household money went on school uniforms, groceries, car repairs etc… and not I was stepping into this new world the first step toward a new awareness, and a fresh beginning. Okay Picture this Ms. Diana Ross buying art supplies at Michael’s. Three weeks into having my new look my scalp was itching so I took a nap and when I woke up the scalp was still itching. Later I decided to take a shower and wash my hair maybe I did not rinse out that shampoo well that morning. After taking my shower and washing my hair I began to unbraid one of the sister locs. I was moving really quick already back in college studying for my Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in Art. The shower felt really good and the hair wash, but that still was something bothering my scalp. One morning I was in Biology dissecting a frog and one of the very tall basketball players decided to stroke my hair. I am forty years old and for some odd reason the students were asking me to hang out with them in the dorm rooms. All that made me get the sister locs because I was looking younger than my age. So the sister locs kind of sort of bridged that gap because the hair was and shower revealed something else when I gingerly removed one of the locs I had a ladyfinger dread loc.  How could this be? So I removed another braid and there was another loc. So now I have to take another shower and wash my hair and a lot of conditioners. Well not of that works the sister locs just got tighter like small braids. I kept those beautiful locks for fifteen years did movies, films, and commercials all in fun. Until; I found myself hiding under or behind them. I graduated fourth from the top of my class, and my first art piece was brought to Atlanta for an art exhibit. Also, I received a small scholarship for drawing a nude model. I was on cloud nine. Then one morning after graduation I just took a pair of scissors went for the big chop I filled up a bed in a bag with the locs buzzed my head bold and donated the locs to “Locks of Love”. In perusing your chosen career as an artist “Pack Light” let go of the naysayers because that is what they do besides they have doctors and pills for them not your problem we need out artist to step up in ways that even the conscious mind cannot conceive rise above the emotions flood water lines because it is hope for tomorrow getting out the messages for social change Murals, art exhibits, collaborative etc…. Get out and Vote!!! It is a personal statement of big differences in the light of the creatives fight homelessness, unemployment, mental illness

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