Art and a Master Plan


On last night I was intrigued with a documentary about an artist name Beth Ames Swartz the way that she sees the world, and how she produces masterful installations of order, disorder, and reorder to explain the nudges that we all get in life at one time or another. The strange twist and turns that we take along the “Road to Damascus” Or, should I say the Road to De-Mask- us. It is all too easy to play the role of a life that is dictated, predicated, and implicated just to appease the masses. Just trying to fit in can be such a daunting task. So with all of the moving pieces in our life, it should come as no surprise that the real-life never leaves our side the anointed and appointed life just stands there and watch us perpetrate ambiguous crimes against our own fictitious existence. Finally, one day we earn our soul and the light can shine through transmitting philosophical images, concepts, and precepts that will help to heal ourselves, and we can grow and change save the planet through the written or spoken word, or broad brush strokes across a blank canvass all to honor the higher truth among all creations “Our Father who Art in Heaven” clearly the Father creates with Art in Heaven. The artist Beth Ames Swartz found brilliant ways to interpret and display unique racemes in her paintings through audacious spiritual interpretations, and manifestations that allow people to dig deeper into interrelatedness as an integral part of human existence, evolution, and the epitome of life lessons that mold and shape us to return to “Devine Love”.  In the Bible, Noah was called to build an Ark, which took 200 years because of the 40 days and night of rain, but before that, the rains came up from underneath the earth. The flood waters would come from the sky as we know today only 8 people were in that Ark all of the rest were paired animals to reproduce and replenish the land. Noah was a true Artist that challenged his Limits, but through Compassion, Understanding, and Respect Noah was able to solidly follow the Master Plan. Today I am pulling out my canvas waiting for the  Master Plan.


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