#Socialdistancing and Segregation

So, today I had to mail off a package, and I went to the post office, and the lines were really long. At that moment, I decided to go to the neighborhood Copy and Print Shop across the street. I knew that it would cost a few pennies more, but that was alright with me. The way I see it I would it was time well spent because It reduce the number of chances of getting exposed to the virus. Aha it was just like I expected only two people were before me in the copy and print shop. When it was my time, I was soon standing IN front of a young white male in customer service unhappy with where his life was. It was obvious because of the sour look on his face, and just so anal-retentive redirecting everyone in the shop from touching or moving around shop. Maybe because he was the only white male in the shop? Funny thing is wearing face coverings expose a collage of superficial eye narratives that I never noticed before or even ever for that fact. Well, standing before this very uncomfortable white male, whom ate Bitch liver for breakfast. Firstly, spelled the recipient name incorrect. When I brought it to his attention? His response: “…I am going to have to make a new label…” My response: ‘…Well that is what you have to do…”. This guy was transparent to a fault in my opinion. Finally, the transaction was over, and it was that time for him to give me my $.10 change. (Drum roll) It happened his hand and arm reach went up as high as his heart like he was preparing to have his blood pressure taken. I had not seen that move since the segregations during the Civil Rights struggles in the 1960’s. Clearly, he was accidently on purpose practicing #Socialdistancing? Or, was he accidently on purpose practicing the privileged people Segregation slide? Nonetheless, okay I will admit that I have inappropriate laughter at times, and when I tell you my return to my vehicle was a real hoot… I laughed until my jaws were hurting like no one was looking. I guess I was in need of that bout of hysterical laughter Pandemic strong.

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