“Prey and Pray”

Enjoy A exert from my first amazon audio e-book  “Moon Levee” by Elaine Washington Vigne

For many people much time is given to being prey for predators. Being in the Lion’s den is no fun, but it is where we are sure to meet the Creator. Everything about being in the Lion’s den is difficult trying to find a friend shoulder to cry on is even difficult because it is in these times that we find out that there was never even a friendship or relationship from the beginning the evidence is a cracked foundation built on lies and deceit. So, man stolen dreams have left many people feeling helpless, and hopeless. The vocal left voiceless, the songbird left vocalist, the preacher left a drunkard, the teacher left mindless, the doctor left defeated just to name a few the list can go on and on… See the troubles of the world predators are doing their jobs lies, stealing, and cheating day and night. One of the best ways to measure the predator they spew words like “I have been good to you…and, you are so lucky to be my friends…, and, I do a lot for you… “Fake News” all hustle games, and smoking mirrors. So that, the prey can succumb to co-dependency on being valued in the eyes of a predator. Simply stated: “You will never be valued by a predator, so you just become content at devaluing yourself”. The only defense against a predator is Prayer non-ceasing.

I am new to narrating audio books but this is a exert from my first e-book as I continue to audition and narrate for other amazon http://www.acx.com  audio e-book authors.

In closing, I think that I found my greatest quote of all times by legendary basketball star LeBron James

“Find your gift, dig it out, and share it with the world”…




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