Living ageless and Retribution

My spiritual journey has been challenging to say the least. In many cases I had to stop the madness of thinking that people were readily going to give closure, and that is just not the case. Especially, when you have given it your all to a self-absorbed egotistical narcissist individual, I can assure you that nothing will come back in return. Hence, was the beginning of me over standing karma reaping what is or was sown. Therefore, I steer clear of individuals paying karmic retribution debts just not sexy at all watching the excruciating painful face of someone with his/her feet in the blender. Oftentimes, the best way to do that is through radio silent treatments. Releasing toxic people by cutting them off… no worries they probably handed you the scissors to do so. They were most probably fake and phonies to put the term lightly. Don’t sweat the small stuff because shit floats they tend to mess up wherever they go irresponsible reckless reprobate minds in short term memory. As soon as the turds sully and stinky up one thing, they are on to something else to recycle the same repressed emotions expecting a different outcome hum… Sounds like insanity to me. Meanwhile, those that have been affected by the cold black stony hearts can elevate to a much more fluid lifestyle exceedingly abundantly filled with joy free of any karmic retributions’ debts. I will admit that allowing the mysteries to unfold naturally brings with it a plethora of rewards through patience (Pray for those that despitefully use you) …Bible (Matthew 5:44) Besides, it is for good entertainment seeing individual have selective amnesia… Simply stated: denial for all of the wrongdoings, and empty apologies are just the worse … break out the violins “…poor little tink tink…”. Karmic retribution birth repentance which ultimately leads to a crystalline rebirth. Sometimes individuals get to feel the wrath of his/her negatively self-fulfilled prophesy spider web.

Climb Ev’ry mountain ford every stream follow every rainbow till you find your dream

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