Living Ageless and Peace

So, what color would I color Peace? Every color of the rainbow it is just that important to have in life. The swirls of turbulence are just unbearable as the clock keeps ticking on the wall, and time in and of itself becomes an embedded epoxy on the tapestry of this black jade colored life. As we give birth in this life to change all the pains and struggles that comes with birthing ideas, dreams, and visions are solidified. Once, we see the landscape of ideas, dreams, and visions manifest the pain quickly cease to exist, and we walk in our truest purpose. No more being angry at the people or situations that no longer serve in your destiny. No matter how damaging it all seemed when trimming off the fat, it was necessary because your ideas, dreams, and vision would profit those people are situations not. The fool’s journey open doors that were never even thought of, but still they exist. The world of wonderment would all come to past because God or the Universe drew that circle in the sand, and this time would be made crystal clear. Looking back, I can see just how really beautiful the journey was and still is. The folly of our youth tends to make us feel that pointing the finger at everyone else is the way to go.  So, we become our own source of stumbling blocks of lies, deceit, and tyranny. Integrity just seem to elude us as we continue to live a life of distorted perceptions all in a matrix mascaraed.  The minute that precarious life ends, and new beginning filled with Peace and love is what dreams are made of. Meanwhile, I will just keep brushing those  broad colorful healing strokes across my own personal canvas. So, what color would you color Peace?

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