Living Ageless and Loss

The art of loss is real we lose things everyday. It is true that somethings are meant to be loss. So it is like riding quietly in a large powered boat grief is like that so we learn to master that emotion. I was the opposite for a very long time it was very easy to cut people off run away from the emotion to reject vulnerability running from everything attached to nothing is uber sick. It gets easier and easier to accept doing busy work just don’t make me stop and love freely and openly. The funny thing is we can even master the art of chaos that go along with not committing to stand still long enough to remake ourselves, and return to some kind of structure and form. In order to master something we experience that which we master over and over again. Even the art of loss mentally, emotionally, and spiritually can hold a space. In this new time line; I can see and understand my shadow self so much better. The power of resistance to not return back to the old time line is constant work on what? the future will look like, and how? will I fit into that new space of total abundance, attributes, and anthology.

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