Liberation by definition of the Webster dictionary means the act of setting someone free from imprisonment slavery or oppression release. I guess everyone have a different measure of what? Liberation would stand for in their life. The idea that Liberation go hand and hand with regeneration and/or a justice being served can be explored. A new beginning in all aspect of one’s life is on the road to happiness. A belief of life and yourself in matters of the heart jump start unconditional love and neutrality towards self and others. Walking in wisdom and luck like the spirit animal ladybug. A few months back I was involved in automobile accident. It had been years since that had happened to me. As a result, my vehicle was demolished, but out of my peripheral vision was a red shiny beetle on the ground brought a smile to my face, and in that moment; I knew everything was going to work out. All an extension of tomorrow unknown, and presents itself to one’s conscious mind is not a bad start to pursuing inner growth.    




Material gain is just that a pile of debts. Financial abuse is unbearable because all parties involved suffer the injustice of it.



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