Living Ageless and Inclines


The need to go up on the incline is important after many years of just spiraling down just recycling the same complicated people, situation, and circumstances. Oftentimes there is no self-love, self-worth, or self-value which leads to the constant revolving doors of instability, insecurity, and insanity of no self-control. Can you imagine the number of incarcerations that happened each and every year are due to a lack of better judgement of less than five minutes, and many are left to rot behind bars like caged in animals? Mental and emotional incarcerations are the same trapped in the recesses of their own minds repeating the same old same old.  In a nearby neighborhood there was a homeless man that chose a certain part of the land very calculating it was a place where he found some kind of nirvana.  Funny, just like that homeless man appeared in that spot he has disappeared, but what was left is an oasis he was growing and tending to plants which is all that is left of that person. Was it his legacy? In order to leave a legacy behind we must first start it. Right? In some odd way that homeless man left that spot, and I find myself always looking at that space where he spent many days, and nights. The spot was once unsightly and now it is a place of peace, and serenity. Looking back life can change just like that here today gone tomorrow. I attended a wedding this past weekend just twenty minutes are so, but how? Long does it take to get divorced. Not much difference from receiving a prison sentence. It only takes a few minutes to get into trouble, but it is never that easy to dig oneself out of a deep dark murky hole. Hopefully, the life lessons are learned, and scales can get balanced without too many bumps and bruises.

Simply stated: If bricks are thrown your way be wise enough to take those bricks build a house, and never let unsavory characters, situations, or circumstances have a room. It’s the Climb… Up Up and away!

Brick by Brick

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