Living ageless and Immaturity

I am more than certain that taking people, situations, and circumstances personal is a tell-tale sign of immaturity. As we mature and we lose friends and family voluntarily or involuntarily we tend to grow in ways that are life changing. A reason, season or a lifetime is what these people, situation, and circumstances are in our life, and we should not be so vain as to writing what we think that it should look like.  Releasing the thought of being hell bent on having people, situations, and circumstance go our way is necessary. Believe me there is always something much greater working things out behind the scenes. I have come to terms with knowing that we have to find within ourselves to surrender to the highest the people, situations, and circumstances that are bigger than ourselves. It is the only way to become victorious in life. Tragically, greed can override the journey to spirituality and enlightment leaving emptiness. A sad state of affairs for far too many people in these perilous times. It never ceases to amaze me that people never feel that reaping what is sown happens, but I am here to say that it is real. No need to play the innocent victim game because it is impossible to outrun bad karma. As I sat in my best friend homecoming services on yesterday, it was crystal clear that replacing people that have blessed my life in this way is just not an option, she was so endearing to me, but rebuilding new friendships are possible close the doors to the past embrace all of the loving, and precious memories to open the door to new possibilities trusting my intuitions more. I have had friends in the past that, I knew were my Judas. Yet, I continued to keep them around it was because; I was feeding the hungry ghost in me of people pleasing, and being fake… Today, I am stronger and wiser so much better.” I will not be defeated”… Missing my friend

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