Living Ageless and Hope

What is really going on?!

Rage|Bob Woodward

The challenges in the world today inspiring hope might seem far fetched. Hopefully, As we continue to pull back on the bow the pressure will one day become too much, and the arrow will bullseye a brighter tomorrow soon. Something has to change so much is stacked up against us. #globalwarming #Californiawildfires #oregonwildfires #washingtonwildfires. So many homeless families, unemployment, Pandemic etc… just to name a few. Face with so many disparities daily, lies, contradictions the list can just go on and on. The turning tables are taking a toll on the general public.



Trump says he knew coronavirus was ‘deadly’ and worse than the flu while intentionally misleading Americans.

Quote from Bob Woodard book “rage”

Quote from Bob Woodard book “rage”

“Fear in the Whitehouse

Fear|Bob Woodward

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