Living ageless and Dreams

If. you hope that a bad friendship or relationship is going to get better. Then, it is a dream deferred…Fungus don’t die it just spreads!

I was thinking maybe realities are just another dream! If, we get to write our own story, dreams, and realities. Another way to look at this is we get to write our own story, an array of illusions, and night mares. I received word on yesterday that I am losing a best friend to Cancer that is so near and dear to my heart, and I am so overwhelmed with the idea that we are not able to talk on the telephone or see her. I know that one day we will meet again, but right I am being flooded with emotions. I cannot cry because I have to book a flight to get to her and I do not want to show weakness because we have held each other up for decades in our deep heartfelt dreams and desires; I feel so honored and blessed to have known this sweet soul. The worse thing ever, for friendship, and or relationship is not being able to see each other self-worth watch the parade of illusions and night mares that comes with perpetual co-dependency tricks, abuse, and addictions of uneven give and take forget about Love in the matter. Nonetheless, over time the dirt that is being kicked between the parties involved will begin to taste sweet…Yuck! All of the ugly actions are contrived. I can say this about my friend that these have been some of the best years of my life three decades the law of reciprocity in full affect between us of honesty, integrity, and loyalty something that is very hard to come by these days. Sadly, some people just cannot get past their own insecurities that continue them on a downward spiral no place for people walking through the doors of value. Funny, how life works sometimes we can consider ourselves friends with people that never liked us, and one day like a clap of thunder that foul tongue rolls out showing up, and showing out, and there is no turning back.  My dream took form and became my reality in this friendship I am going to miss my friend

I had my own butterfly, for three decades

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