Living ageless and Detachments

I know this is a loaded topic, but it comes a times that the people, situations, and circumstances that we manifest, and attract we are then forced to detachment from them voluntarily or involuntarily. In most cases these are combinations that we truly love and adore many are long walks down memory lane, and very nostalgic, which means that they are deeply rooted in the membrane like mad cow disease literally running individuals insane.  Many of the stories in the “lifetime” movies are true, and the events that transpire leading up to people distrust, dismantling, and demise are documented in court records. Oftentimes, individuals are unable to release the idea that something has come to an abrupt ending that all parties involved need to move on. The fact of the matter is that some individuals manifest people into his or her life to fill a ego driven raggedy ratchet need. When in fact people should manifest purified high vibrating souls into their life because they are wanted. Therefore, even give and takes is at the forefront of the situations and/or relationship. All in all, it is a good marriage between friends that are independent, and stable. The world is filled with enough undiagnosed tortured souls including, but not limited to narcissist, sociopaths, borderline personality disorders etc… Where the conscious mind does not exist something that start out innocent, and turns deadly. Therefore, these individuals can repeat one unconscious act after another where the severity of the intent depends on the synergy, and intensity of the sick mentally deranged corrupt hearts that are dark cold and callus. “Either detach or be the detachment”.  It is highly impossible to bake a cake twice just stick a fork in it “Done”.  Let’s face it breaking some generational curses of unclean iniquities are bigger than many of us can even imagine putting distance between yourself and the doppelgangers just makes for good sense.        

People really boil innocent bunny rabbits…Meanwhile, these deranged soul do not just come into individuals lives they are invited into “Needful Things” (1993) horror movie. The operative word here is “Horror” or, should I say, “Licking up needy Co-dependency vomits”,

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