Living ageless and Clarity

Clearly Corona virus has polished up my idea of clarity, and it is knowing that our focus is more internally driven not externally driven like in the immaturity of the younger years when, we looked to others as validation, but really it was the ego cultivating co-dependency tendencies that would Velcro itself to us for years to come. Now, we wish others so much happiness in life, but just not with me in it. Unless, my intuition is 100% invested in growing and developing a positive connection where everyone benefits, due to the equal give and take to fosters forward movement that perpetuate adventures, possibilities, and freedoms to discover the world in ways that only some can imagine.  The thought of just being able to endure life’s challenges, struggles, and pitfalls are so unnatural.  A life void of any happiness because the fear of stepping into our own power and truth that comes with maturity, and a whole lot of wisdom is weird. Yet, we continue to fight for, and keep that fake reality of our own doing that were manifested through unfinished business of aligning our own hearts and minds with our authentic self.  Nonetheless, it is still a choice immaturity vs. maturity through self-acceptance can be a way to determine and measure why the people, situations, and circumstances remain a constant part of our circle.  The ego is notorious for hanging on to the stuck, and stagnate situations. The cure for this is embracing maturity, and the wisdom that was right under our noses all the time. I would say; that Corona virus taught me clarity, understanding, and protection from the nice nasty people, situations, and circumstances it is the only way to embrace all of self as we heal heartbreak.      

Looking for the silver lining…

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