Living ageless and Characters

I am beginning to think that we are in a battle between the brain heart spirit/ brain mind soul to overcome the challenges of the ego illusions where we spend a ridiculous amount of time in a distorted co-dependent robotic reality. Seems Sci-Fi Sociopathic like in nature, but it is like we really get to write our own story a self-orchestrated Bible filled with our own verses of personal life lesson experiences.  Oftentimes, there are struggles when it comes to putting periods at the end of a sentence meaning releasing toxic people, situations, and circumstances that are to our detriment, and we result to doctors and pills for the resolutions. Wrong answer… For the doctors, “…The money is not in the cure, but in the medicine…” So, the doctor will continue pushing the medications, lotions, and potions. After all, the doctors have a lifestyle, and image to maintain in the community.  Meanwhile any quality of life that the patient has left is dwindling away under the illusions of the medical diagnosis masquerade…Ouch! that’s got to hurt … We get to manifest the characters, situations, and circumstances in our own life called free will, and know that the villainous ego can take front and center stage. Ouch! That in and of itself does hurt…  Enter the crazy land of the robotic fake realities. Walking upward on a mud slide, or staying on the sinking Titanic ship…(Newsflash) the Titanic shipwrecked over 100 years ago…  Releasing oneself from the self-inflicted fallacies of the past is very challenging to say the least. However, it is worth it in the long run…My late cousin would  tell me “…Cause they are your people, that don’t mean they are your kind…” Simply stated: Embrace what you do want in life, and release what you don’t want…Put your shine on. Check out my youtube


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