Living ageless and Challenges

The truth is the truth and nothing, but the truth … Very hard to accept when we are in our subconscious state of mind of distorted perceptions, where we justify feelings and actions based on ego “…eyes wide sealed…” seeing what? And how? Things are really as it relates to people, situations, and circumstances. Constantly getting pissed on by people, situations, and circumstances and convincing yourself it is rain… “…I’m just singing in the rain…” “…Everything is Beautiful in its own way…” All in the name of Love. Right?  When Chucky in Love spiral down this far into the abyss hopefully it is on a soul level, and the lessons can be learned when tables are turned, and the awakening is powerful enough to benefit all humankind in one way are the other, and the other person, circumstance, situation is challenged with finding a way to let go of the awakened person.  However, if Chucky in Love ego driven fall that far down into the abyss forget about it there is no hope of ever seeing the light of day. Only dark days lie ahead.  “…Never fear the ego will see you through the nasty muck and mire on the uneven playing field…”  Ouch! That’s gotta hurt a lot. The challenge is in this case there is no challenge just settle in watch the other person, situation, or circumstances win. After all, there success depends on your failure. WTF? Just continue resisting the lessons in all of the hurt, pain, and manipulations. Recently, I had a conversation with a very successful retired woman, who husband passed away three years ago, and she was immediately contacted on social media by an old male friend this must be a sign that this is destiny. Wrong! She helps him financially, purchased him a vehicle, and what do you think that he did? He ghosted her because; she did not know her own self-worth that was her lesson in all of this. The biggest challenge for her is letting go and getting over the bum. There is no need for revenge the Universe will certainly take care of him “…The bum bucket got a hole in it…”. The moral of the story is; He took advantage of a good soul because someone is taking advantage of him, and her sweet revenge is standing strong in her own power and truth of knowing her own self-worth.  

Call to Awakened…


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