Living ageless and Anxiety

Anxiety is a silent killer of the mind, body, soul and spirit. To think that we as individuals invest in that all the time. Sometimes I think that the heart is a neatly packed brain placed inside of our chest, and the brain in the head is like the conduit to transmuting that into something that can make or break us… Therefore, heart palpitations are an indicator of what is going to come, and how? The brain extracts that information to deliver the alignment, for the assignments of fight? Or, flight? Is identifiable because there is no gray area between these two either yes or, no given that we do have gray matter in the brain possibly represent time and space which equates healing and mending heartbreaks. Therefore, the need to compartmentalize subject matter in a way that is even give and take between the brain and heart is vital to the human existence. When the two are out of sync it wreaks havoc all over the entire nervous system. Hence, is the birth of anxiety day in and day out walking the fine line of the right brain and the left brain, which is why? Brain scans are so readily available and used to determine the extent of the disconnect. Aneurism, and brain hemorrhaging are real, and many people do not recover inevitable death, are dying slowly in a vegetative state.  Oftentimes, it can be something like a nagging headache it is how it happened with my mom, and she died in my arms. I could see still see the warm red blood filling up the blood vessels in her forehead, and eyes… (I need a minute right now). Reflections are hard, and even harder at times.  So, can you imagine manifesting people unsettled in heart, and mind trauma and karma illusion and ego gone wild it is not a good marriage…Lawd Anxiety bound healing heartbreak is real, and embracing all of oneself can put out the fires.  

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