Art and Unapologetic


The world of an artist is very different from many others the way that they think and see the world aid them in fitting intricate pieces together that other wise would not have been seen and/or thought about by others.   So, the artist/artesian interpretation are true and not just what people always want to see but what they need to see be it Social, Political or just down right matters of the heart.  Whatever the case may be the world just would not function without the thumb print of the visual and creative artist.  So, apologizing for just having the courage to put it out there is just not in the cards. The way that I see it we can learn so much from the creative souls of the world. Apologize for what?!  because artist just know how to get into your face.  The dream is what we are all hoping for to live the dream is another story. Too many people are eager to live the nightmare created by someone others then themselves. Opportunists look for what is called a “Lick”, “Duck”, “Joe Sausage Head” etc… over the past decades I am more than certain more names will be added and placed on the easy prey, but for now I am sure that you get my drift.  So, from some of those unfortunate situations artist can find that fine line between linear and spatial in creative ways to capture those experiences by way of various mediums just to name a few that are synonymous to violence, victory, and victims chronical it into historical facts to raise awareness in the community that will catapult the next generation to a possible hidden agenda that can be overlooked, understudied, or underdeveloped causing the same mistakes to leak over into time eternal repeating the same less than desired outcomes that leaves no room for elevations, evolutions, or efficacies. Watch the Artist for they are the gate keepers unapologetically so.    

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