“Art and MakeUp”


Many cultures utilize Make-up or as some would have it face paintings are symbolism of a much greater epithet cultural distinctions to compartmentalize status among the people’s king, chiefdoms, Queens etc.…Speaking of a Queen, so the other day a friend and myself decided to treat ourselves to a empowering “Girl’s Trip” to get pampered with a soothing facial living in New Orleans, Louisiana and the upcoming Essence Festival of Culture hype only hours away it was all perfect timing. As I am maturing, I was looking for a make-up artist to give me a more dramatic/fun/funky look as I attend events in the future. Little did I know that my esthetician would ultimately be an answer to my prayers. Firstly, I could sense in my spirit that she was knowledgeable about the skin the largest organ of the body so I felt really comfortable in her presence. I was honored to have connected with my esthetician because as she continued to share information about her love for the Beauty Industry. I was so impressed with her outstanding accomplishments and achievements.  I soon realized that the person that was carefully and very professionally removing the impurities from my skin was a real heavy weight in the Beauty industry as she was able to articulate all of the big name “Celebrities” and “Stars” clientele. On top of having her own Make-up product line on her grind and making miracles happen as she skillfully waves her wand over all things related to Beauty. Instagram@Rockcandymakeup motto is “Because Makeup Should Be Sweet…”. It was a great experience with Rockie D, and at the end of the day Make-up artist transform, and make individuals relevant even the playing field among the peers, community, and village. Congratulations to Rockie D. on her Make-up journey.



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