“Art and Survival”

To survive is what we do every day and when we think about it the first five years of our life is the hardest, we have to learn to walk, and talk if those necessary skills do not develop properly, while the brain is developing that means there are some serious challenges to overcome. Well growing up in Government Public row housing as a “Baby Boomer” had its own set of challenges, problems, and struggles my own personal one was what I kept a secret. I was not able to master speech, certainly, it was organic in nature because there was domestic violence between my parents, and I was the youngest of the four children so nobody really paid that much attention to me because I was so darn cute. Neurologically speaking, my brain had to rewire so I could just breathe in this world, and I learned to look outside of myself at a very early age. My very best friends were my crayons and coloring books. I never had to repeat a grade, but I develop strong listening skills just managed to fly under the radar when it came to speaking in class or anywhere else for that matter. During that time I developed a hope one that would allow me to seek higher help to free my tongue that day did come when I was seven years old and I won a spelling bee received a gold ballerina stick pin to boot. “…It was the best thing ever…”. Before then, I learned to see the world around me and become intrigued by some of the smallest things, all of which made me know that it is Okay to be who I am because one day that would surely shine through and I could become an inspiration to the masses. The rest of my life would be to learn how to look inside of myself to hear that voice of awareness and acceptance. I was never abused in any way so I am sure that was my saving grace in this here life. I think about the people thrown into the dark world of sex trafficking just how horrible that must be to be beaten down like that. In Amsterdam where organized sex trafficking happens in the red light district women service sixteen men in ten hour days. #smh. There is a mystic to a woman’s body. When did you ever hear that a man had a baby kicking around in his belly?! “Women should be cherished and respected by men”.  I  listened to this eye-opening podcast on newsy.com (Sold in America by Stitcher and E.W. Scripps Company, with Noor Tagouri). Can you imagine modern-day chattel mortgaging corporal moveables?  Sex to survive this life every day in some cases with no end in sight, which brings me to the global plight in homelessness, and the stories behind the disadvantaged people sleeping on the streets. I think about the late Helen Keller quote: “…Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much…”A woman who had to overcome the adversities of being born blind, and deaf. Yet, she found a way to listen to that tiny still voice inside of her, which gave her power over weakness.

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