Art and Arthritis


This may seem like it is off the cuff or just a download but, The way that I see it the root word of Arthritis is “Art”.   I have not been blogging as much as I would like to because I hurt my leg, and for the last eight weeks, I have been in Physical Therapy. The person that I am “Father-Mother God” or the “Universe” can even use my brokenness. I am sure it was not only physical, high heels and a pulled muscle that I ignored just a little too long I am sure I was holding on to something and not let go of it in time, but from somewhere even beyond even my own comprehension divine timing had to happen to me, for divine action to take place. However, the past eight weeks have allowed me to meet some really great people and hear their stories.  Reflections while sitting here listening to an artist that I was introduced to last year when I was on a retreat in Vicksburg, Mississippi named @Mandisa song @Unfinished. I quote: “…Still working on me…” which brings me to why I am writing this blog,  So I was thinking that there is a high correlation in the word Art and Arthritis. More reflections while still listening to @Mandisa @Press On step in front of the other…”  Standing in one’s own “Truth” and “Power” is really hard and takes courage but it is not impossible. Both Art and Arthritis takes a lot of effort to make that masterpiece through tears, pain, and heartbreak. In Art, various mediums are used, but in Arthritis, we are the medium @Mandisa   song “He is with you” I quote:  “… There is a time to run and a time to face it…” which clearly explains the how Art and Arthritis go hand and hand. Now it is time for my morning workout @Mandisa “Good Morning” 
















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