Art and Philia

Philia, or deep friendship in Greek versions of love, not shallow develops when individuals can finish one another sentences, feel hurt, pain and disgust through osmosis always making each other feel good about themselves. It is the icing on the cake many friendships cannot get off of the ground because the commitment to the friendship is just not in the picture. The annoying energy and cracked foundations that come with Neptune Trickery, lies and deceit have destroyed countless, marriages, relationships, and friendships. On the flip side, Growing in Philia love is about showing loyalty, trust, and honesty in the friendship because betrayal situations have no place, and mistrust does not even have a leg to stand on.  Even when the friendship seems strong there are ways to test the sharing of emotions in what is perceived as a Philia friendship, love, or relationships. If sharing a deep down hurt or pain about oneself to a friend, and that friend begin to tell you about his/her experiences that are far more interesting than yours clearly you are being marginalized, and that can transcend into the Universe where other people or even strangers will begin to undermine your intelligence, wit, and courage. Then, everything is on the even playing field because you must find the courage within yourself to go back to the core of people, situations, and matters not seeing your self-worth. Who? Did that to you first was it a relative, teacher, doctor etc…  told you “…That you were somehow worthless…?!”   When did you give up on yourself? Once you reflect on that condescending statement you can turn that situation around, and release those shallow friendships and artfully replace, create, and cultivate genuine Philia deep friendships, lovers, or relationships.  #lul “Level Up Love”

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