Art and Agape


Agape, or love for everyone is a Greek Love that ascends to a higher level of commitments.  According to, C.S. Lewis I quote: “Gift Love”, Agape is literally a punch in the guts. In order to feel such love, one must dig really deep down inside and take Faith into his/her own hands align it with a quantum leap of uncensored vulnerability to some it is a unique wealth, and to others a burden.  Terms like Metta or “Universal loving kindness” transcends across the Universe in a way that revives our potential to care about strangers.  Selfless love is no coincidence it is the How?, and Why? Homosapiens were created in the first place, “The choosing of one another is not up to us, but the Devine Master Plan has chosen you for one another”.  It is no escaping when Agape love formulates Friendships that allow individuals to travel along the same beaten path to become infectious, and the higher consciousness delights in the tears, fears, and innocence that is brought about in the midst of  Eros (while it lasts) between two meeting of the minds. Discovery and a common vision are shared about anything from dreams to butterflies, and everything in between that explains the Greek word psyche meaning “soul, spirit, breath, life or animating force”.  Unfortunately, many have forgotten how to truly “Gift Love” it is becoming a lost Art form, and has been replaced with “indifference” that thin line between “love” and “hate”. #lul “Level Up Love”

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