‘Art and Activism”

Stop talking about it and be about it is how I see it.  True activism is about doing the damn thing. The environment is made whole as the artist community rally around a worthy cause and opens up the collaborative envelope that utilizes their art to articulate, educate, and evoke a response be it positive or negative. To elicit answers or dialogue that will clarify, and serve as a deterrent to complacency among the masses, but hopefully bring about a liberal perspective that is palatable, tangible, and digestible. Inciting mal or misinformed riots are not the only ways to bring about resolutions it is dangerous lives get lost, and people get hurt all of what was contrary to what a man of Peace stood for.  I am more than certain that the late great Dr. Martin Luther King over a half a century ago lead the peaceful marches I quote:  “…Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…” (A Letter from a Birmingham Jail, King, M.L. April 16. 1963).  The Artistic “Mural” statements are literally the paintings on the wall synergize a format for changeable non-static discussions that orchestrate diplomacy, and essentially come to an agreeable outcome that can be replicated for future problematic areas found in the Social and or Justice System.   Historically speaking, The cracked foundation of the justice system is terribly flawed, broken, busted, and breeched; due to erroneous factors piss poor throwback decisions, shady money deals, fickle minded assumptions etc…


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